July 12, 2008

So what is this blog about?

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I’m the first to admit, I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. All I know is that I have suddenly and inexplicably become obsessed with a style of art, or collage, or expression, or whatever-you-call it – that I’m sure must have a term, but one which I’ve not yet discovered. “Vintage collage” – “scrapbooking with a twist” (scrapbooking it is not – but yet it seems to have many similarities, at least in tools, techniques, and methods), “altered art” or something else I haven’t yet determined.

My interest was first piqued when I went to a workshop about altered books – and since then, I’ve been absolutely hooked. As I’ve explored more through looking at books and websites, I’ve learned more about what I like, what I hope to produce, and I’ve gained a general sense of where I want to go with this “artistic enthusiasm.”

After struggling with the altered book (and peacefully setting it aside “to be continued”) I decided to scale back. I also started hitting the craft store all too frequently (as my previous post will attest) and acting like a scrapbook maniac on overdrive. I know that what I’m interested in is not scrapbooking per se, but it does seem like the kind of art I want to do bears some similarities.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog, nor where I’m headed with my “art.” This blog may be just a short-lived affair, or it may be a way for me to follow this particular muse at this time in my life. We’ll see.

I put art in quotes, above, because at this stage, it deserves quotes. I’m not an artistic type in any way, though I do consider myself creative and until I know I can produce something, I consider myself on the level of a third grader. I can’t even draw a convincing stick-figure!

But I think that’s part of where the appeal of this type of collage-type art comes in for me. Cut things in pieces? Paste and layer in place? Use pre-printed pictures? Rubber stamps? Pretty papers? OK! I can do that!

And so I shall try.

© amateur-in-art 2008


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