September 7, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 1 (entry from Aug. 16)

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I’m tempted to post this with an earlier date, so that it matches the date of the artwork, but I think that could be confusing in the end, so I’ll just state here that Day 1 of my Soul Journal is dated Aug. 16, 2008.

I prepped by tearing out pages from an old book, as instructed, and pasting in random arrangements on several pages.

Start by pasting text to pages

Start by pasting text to pages

Sarah’s prompt for Day 1 is to write for five minutes using the prompt: “Today I feel..” so that’s exactly what I did. However, my first effort at this was made more difficult by the fact that I was using a charcoal pencil to write with. I had used glue to “finish” the surface of the pasted-on text, but that gave me a rough surface to write on. So although I did in fact write for five minutes, I ended up with only two pages of writing.

It gave me an interesting result in the end, because the writing was difficult to read, and also, what I found truly intriguing, was that in several cases the word “I” became almost invisible as I wrote. It fell on borders between pasted text, and therefore did not write well. After I was done, I thought this was fitting and interesting, as the Soul Journal is all about “I” – but yet mixed with the excitement and anticipation was also some fear – the fear of discovery, as well as the fears I had, and had not yet expressed, about impending health issues. It seemed appropriate that “I” was showing up as tentative and at times, nearly invisible.

Page 2 of my entry for Day 1

Page 2 of my entry for Day 1

On one page, I took brightly colored watercolors and highlighted various words in the text. On page two (shown above) I used a crayon to do the same thing. In most cases, the words I highlighted bore no relation at all to what I was writing about.

I was a little disappointed in the results for this day, but I take my art as an opportunity to “go easy” on myself, and for me, it is all one giant “learning experience” anyway. Lesson learned: don’t use charcoal pencil if I want to write anything of any importance or to capture any swiftness of thought (lucky for me, not a problem that day! ).

Partly because I was dissatisfied with my work for this day, and partly because I wanted to make it a point to capture my emotions on some upcoming “big days” – I decided to continue with the Day 1 exercise with entries on two additional days.

© amateur-in-art, 2008


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