September 8, 2008

Soul Journal Day 1 (Aug. 27 entry)

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I had left a blank page in the middle of my “Torn Open” and “Hope” pages, and came back to that on Aug. 27, after I had successfully passed through some initially scary medical things. I was home, surrounded by family, and I wanted to capture the peace, goodwill and comfort that I felt.

On the page that was still blank, there was a lot of white space left around the edges of some of the book pages I had glued in. I wanted to liven these up a little bit, so I took a pleasant green-blue shade of watercolor and colored them in.

I also highlighted some words in other colors, most of them very positive like “harmony,” “festive,” “enjoy,” “poet,” “spiritual” and others.

Then I wrote words about how I was feeling that day. I started with the word “comfort” – which ended up having to be broken onto two lines (too enthusiastic to watch the margins that day!) and I tried coloring it in with colored pencils, trying for a “quilt” type of effect, but that didn’t really work (and instead, it just looks kind of weird). For most of my writing, I used blues and greens for peace, calm, and healing. I used a dark brown to represent the sturdiness and security of being at home. Since I had the word “fort” (as part of the word “comfort” I decided to draw a little block house, to further emphasize the security I felt.

I like the contrast of this page with the reds and purples on my “torn & fear” page. I don’t know why, but I also like that my pages are not in direct order, but that they skip around. Maybe it’s because my emotions were “skipping” too, moving from one thing to the next, rapidly.

I like this Soul Journal technique, and look forward to the rest of what Sarah has in store for us. And although I’m not terribly impressed with the “art” aspect of my work (I told you – it bears comparison to a third-grader’s work!) I know and believe that the point of the Soul Journal is not the physical product that is produced, but rather, the journey of the soul as one embarks on this path.

And as I’ve also said before – it’s all about learning. What works, what doesn’t – both in art – and perhaps, in life.

© amateur-in-art, 2008


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