September 30, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 7

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Well, I’m getting behind on my postings, but oh well.

Today is Day 7. I started as instructed and wrote tiny on two pages, using the prompt, “I forgot to tell you…” I liked that as a prompt and my writing took me all over the place in content and emotion. Whew, what a ride!

Sarah warned that we’d be taping over this writing, and so I did write freely, but I have to say I kind of don’t like all this writing and then covering up. I like what I write, and because it is a journal, I want the ability to go back and see what I wrote in response to these prompts or on a certain day. Well, I’m solving that dilemma by making a copy of it to save – but I still don’t like covering it up. Maybe if I knew from the very start of this whole Soul Journal experience that “all throughout this journal we are going to be writing things and covering them up” or something maybe that would help. (Maybe that information was there, and I just forgot or missed it). I was crushed on Day 2 when we did it the first time. And I was afraid the whole time that I was working on my Soul Armor that I’d have to paint over that. I guess right now, I find the covering- over process more inhibiting than freeing. I don’t want to create something deeply personal and meaningful if I’m going to erase its existence.

OK. Enough whining! Sorry about that. After writing the “I forgot to tell you…” prompt, then we were to cover it all up with not-clear tape. I don’t have many varieties of tapes, and I had some brown packing tape that I wasn’t sure if it counted as “clear” or not, because initially I thought of “clear” as like regular Scotch tape. You could see through the packing tape pretty easily, but I decided to use it anyway. I like the brown tone and the way it mixes both transparency and opaqueness. Besides, I actually decided I wanted to have some of the words show through, anyway, as a way to sort of craft a new narrative out of what I had written earlier.

I don’t want you to see everything I wrote, but here’s a deliberately blurry pic of the start of my tape-over.

And here’s what it looked like (blurred) after I finished. In addition to the packing tape, I used masking tape, black electrical tape, and blue painter’s tape. I really liked the black and blue colors and contrast.

OK. End of Day 7.

But I do have a question. How long will it be before this all becomes one big pile of goo from the tape, esp. the electrical tape, which always goes gooey on me after a few years. Ick!

© amateur-in-art, 2008


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