October 19, 2008

Who, Me? An Artist?

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I can now in good conscience call myself an “artist.” (If I had even more self-confidence, I’d omit the quotes…but I’m not there yet.) Yes, I still consider myself at the level of a third-grader, but I read this inspirational definition in a recent article in Cloth Paper Scissors: “If you make art that expresses your truths, then you are an artist.” Wow! That is a very powerful statement, and one that I can embrace, even if sometimes I still need encouragement. Ultimately, then, according to this view, it is less about talent and output and outcomes, and more about motivation, expression, and Truth. I think I’m trying, on that.

This Soul Journal process has certainly helped in that regard, and I believe I am trying to bring those same principles with me to other artistic efforts I am undertaking. After all, at this point, my art is for me, – not for the greater “Art World,” anyway.

I’m still a little uncomfortable declaring myself an artist – but the quote above certainly helps me embrace the title, under that definition.

The quote in the first paragraph comes from Loretta Benedetto Marvel’s article, “The Heart of Art” in the July/Aug. 2008 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

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  1. Kathryn said,

    I too struggle with the idea that I’m an artist. It has only been in the last couple of months that I’ve been able to say that I’m one. Still I am cautious who I will admit it to. Silly isn’t it?

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