October 22, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 10

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Today’s assignment was to draw our house. Not our actual house, but as we used to draw it as a child. A symbolic house.

This made me think of a drawing – the only drawing, really – I used to do as child. I could not draw, and although I had the desire and the imagination, I never could get on paper what I had in my head. Then one day an older boy – he was probably in fourth or fifth grade; I was probably in first or second – took the time to teach me, while we were waiting for the bus in the school cafeteria. When I groaned one day about how I “could not draw,” he took a pencil and said, “Sure you can. It’s easy.” And he showed me how to make a house. And a road. And a tree (with grass sprouts at the bottom) and sunshine and clouds and a horse and a barn. And I followed what he told me, and although my drawing didn’t look as good as his, I was still impressed with how it turned out. And because he suddenly gave me the confidence I did not have, I kept drawing that scene. Kept practicing. It never did become much more than what it was – but the image of that drawing is a strong one in my mind. And now, as an adult, I realize what an amazing, simple, and kind act that was of that young-but-older boy, to take the time to teach this tiny 8 year old girl how to draw.

That was the scene I wanted to try to create in this drawing.

After sketching in my house, and when I began to build it from a paper bag, I decided that in addition to having the pocket at the top, I also wanted to have the roof to open. I wasn’t quite sure how I needed to piece things together so that the pocket and the roof would be open, so I took an index card and made a model to try to see how it would work.

I figured out that I was going to need to have it in three pieces. The roof in two pieces, and the main house part would be a third piece. I also needed a flap on the roof where it would open.

I found a great bag that had decorations on the outside of it, including some nifty peace symbols which I thought would be really cool to have on the inside of the roof. A “peaceful” home. 🙂 Here’s what it looked like once I got the roof work complete. The square on the right is the base of the house, not yet in place.

A view inside the roof

The complete house.

The complete house.

My house ended up a little narrow. The pages aren’t that wide anyway, but by the time I got the pocket and roof made, it was all a little small and narrow. I think that’s maybe one reason why I decided to open up the roof, though I just thought it might be neat to do, anyway.

Here’s what the complete scene looked like, after drawing on the door and windows, adding a couple of flowers, and adding the landscape to the right. Something’s still not quite “right” on my barn, but I’ll figure that out as I go, or decide to not worry about it.

(See? It really does look like the work of a third-grader, doesn’t it?)

© amateur-in-art, 2008


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