October 26, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 11

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Today’s mission: collage.

I decided to use a cookbook for my collage papers, since “home is where the cooking is!”

I had almost used part of the crinkly part of a paper muffin cup as some plumage on Athena’s helmet on my Soul Armor day, but decided not to then, but decided the sun in this picture might be a fun time to try something like that here. Then in my paper scraps I found part of a recipe that called for setting something in a “warm place” and decided to use that in the middle of my sun.

I used a scalloped-edge scissors to trim down the muffin cup. In hindsight, a min-muffin size would have been better, I’m sure. But I pretty much like how this one turned out, even so. I even like that it hangs over the top of the page a bit, too. A burst of sunshine that just can’t be contained! 🙂

I almost forgot that I had some heart-paper that I wanted to use for the smoke coming out the chimney. It is a little soft, with the pink but the outlines that we put in later after the collaging was complete help, I think. I used the scalloped scissors on this one, too.

I forgot to mention that I had used a really cool rubber stamp I had found – in the clay section of my local craft store – that made the cool design on the rooftop. Also, and you can just see it as the black dot peeking out beneath the top part of the roof in this image – I punched out a small bit out of a sheet magnet. I’m going to put another one on the “lid” of my roof so that my roof can lock down and close, and hopefully also this way it will help keep the roof from getting torn and wrinkled and bent, and, will also keep whatever goes in the pocket, in the pocket.

Here’s what it looks like in the end.

I finally figured out what I did wrong with my barn. It is supposed to be a “double wide” and also have planking on it. I thought about erasing it and starting over before I drew my black marker outlines, but it seemed like it might not erase very well, so I didn’t. I considered gesso-ing over it and starting from scratch again on the barn, but it just didn’t seem worth it. Plus, in my pencil drawing, I thought I had done an OK job on the horse next to the barn, although once I went over it with a black marker it looked more like a German Shepherd with a saddle on top! 🙄

Oh well, that’ll be all for today!

© amateur-in-art, 2008



  1. Linda said,

    Hi…thank you for your kind comment – I hope you will come back and visit again. I loved doing the SJ with Sarah and am now following Kathryn’s excellent prompts.
    I can see you are enjoying the SJ experience…keep learning and discovering things about your art and yourself – as I did.
    Best wishes

  2. Linda D. said,

    This is looking good – these soul journals are such fun 🙂

  3. Sandy said,

    Thanks for visiting my blog~! Looks like you’re off to a good start on your sould journal. I’ve thuroughly enjoyed working on mine~ There is also a yahoo group dedicated to the soul journal adventure. Some have already finished Sarah’s prompts and then continue with the yahoo group and some are doing both at the same time.

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