November 7, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 12

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Today is Day 12. I really liked the look of my drawing w/collage, and hestitated a bit to put color on it.  It also took me a while to decide exactly how I wanted to color it – with what media?  I didn’t think I wanted to use acrylic paints. I thought about crayons, because that would be perfect! – so child-like! But I was worried about the “mess” they would make, especially when the book was closed, so I finally decided on watercolors.

I got a cheap “kid’s set” of different art supplies – containing colored pencils, crayons, pastels, watercolors, and so on. That’s what I used here.


I’ve gotten started on the sky and grass, the tree and the chimney.

There were a few odd spots – I think maybe where the surface of the gesso was sanded weird or something – you can kind of see it below the sun – where there were small unidirectional scratches, that didn’t cover well. But oh well, there wasn’t much I could do about it, once I saw it happening, and besides, it does give it a little bit of an unusual surface.


Here’s the finished piece.

I used markers on the flowers, only, because I really wanted their color to stand out strong.


I also liked the way my tree turned out, the swoopy strokes making like leaves, and the streaks on the trunk.

You can also see the streaky-thing happening in the sky between the sun and the barn.

I took some heavy watercolor and highlighted the “warm place” phrase. I liked it in the sun, and then realized it really tied the whole piece together, with the cooking and the house and the smoke coming out of the chimney and also representing the emotional warmth of the house.  If I had a title for this page, it would be “In a Warm Place.”

Overall, I really like this page, and I had fun making it. I’m glad I went ahead with the coloring, and didn’t leave it with just the collage.  I’m pretty satisfied with this one!

© amateur-in-art, 2008


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