November 16, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 14 (part 1)

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Today we’re finishing our paper dolls using collage and paint.

I decided I wanted to use a recipe, just like I did on the pages, on the woman. I had several choices – one of which included cooking a squirrel and hens – but finally decided on one for “Mother’s Beef…”


I knew I wanted the woman’s dress to be bright colors, and chose yellow as the base.

I also decided I wanted to make both of my people kind of hippies (to fit in with the peace signs, on the inside of the roof). So I used some of the same paper from the paper bag and cut out a flower, circle and peace sign to put on the man’s overalls.


I decided I wanted to make the woman’s dress more “sixties” style – plus I thought with just the orange swirls, she looked sort of like an Easter egg, so I added some hippie flowers, a couple of peace symbols, and some purple polka dots.


And here’s how I finished up the man’s clothes:


I wasn’t sure how to manage the suspenders part of his overalls. I didn’t think they’d be durable enough if I cut them out; I was too afraid they’d tear easily. Besides, I needed the top part to hook on his head. So I just decided to take some dark gray paint to block out the places for his neck and arms and make them look more like overalls.  I also realized after I did this that by choosing dark gray, it would work well with the gray on his suit.

I’ll come back and complete this sometime soon. I think this is enough for today’s post.

© amateur-in-art, 2008


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