November 17, 2008

Soul Journal – Day 14 (part 2)

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I’ve split Day 14 into two posts because of their length. Today’s installment will conclude Day 14.

I finished up painting the couple. I gave her purple bloomers and cockeyed feet. And didn’t realize until I was all done that I had forgotten to give her hands! Oh well. Too late now, and I’m not going to bother.   Although I gave him hands, I didn’t do much in the way of footwear for him. I just used a block of brown paint to sort of make a boot-like rectangle for his feet. It works for me. So I guess between the two of them, she has the feet and he has the hands. Oh well.  I like the way their bodies turned out, silliness and all!


Here’s what they look like, all put together!


I deliberately put the brads for the man’s arms in a spot where they would look like the hooks on a pair of overalls. I think he turned out pretty well.


I also had forgotten that I had some flower-brads, so I used them to attach his legs. And I used them all over her, because I thought they would go well with the flowers in her dress.


Yay! My paper dolls are finished – which means now I get to go play! Let’s see what they look like in their new home!

Here’s the woman at home, throwing up her hands over all the cooking to be done! (Or maybe she’s celebrating that it is all over with!)


And here is the man, dancing a jig down the path!


And here’s a picture of the happy couple together. I think they will live happily ever after!


Thanks again to Sarah for designing this Soul Journal journey. And thanks, too, to the Thrifty Collage Artist for making these wonderful old-fashioned photographs available.

I had a lot of fun with this – much more than I thought I would. And I really enjoyed creating the contrast between the old black and white pictures, and the bright colors of their clothes, along with the “hippie” kind of feel. This was a very fun exercise, and one that I would not have done, if Sarah hadn’t provided the instructions. Now I have several ideas for future paper dolls to use in my art, as well as ways to use and attach old photos for new uses.

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© amateur-in-art, 2008


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  1. Kathryn said,

    This is an adorable couple. What a great idea to use a cookbook.They do look like a hippie couple and she looks like she would be a good cook – or at least that she enjoys her own cooking! LOL

    Thanks for the comments on my personal shrine. I did make it in one afternoon! I wish I could take credit for painting that lovely woman but she is from a calendar of opera posters.

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