January 10, 2009

Soul Journal – Day 15

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All that was really on tap for today was just prepping a few pages. (Sarah shows a lot of things from Day 14 wrap-up – scroll to the bottom of her entry for prep instructions).

We were to prep a total of 6 pages (3 sets of 2-page spreads).

On my first pair of pages, I had these fabulous thick-paper coasters that I found in the dollar bins at Micheal’s. They were a bit thicker than I thought they were in the package, but I like their look and knew I would have to use them in something.


I stuck these on my pages and covered w/gesso, and because I wanted to be sure that the images on the coasters came through, I blotted them with a paper towel. Because they were a firm surface – look at the cool dotted pattern I got from the paper towel! I’ve loved the dot-pattern in my paper towels and kept thinking of how I could get it into my art – voila!


Here’s what I ended up for this 2-page spread. Green on left, red on right.


OK. Now on to the next pair of pages. I used cut strips of paper – one was a kind of gray/purple color, the other was sort of an orangy-pink. This is what it looked like after I gessoed it.


And here’s the final pair of pages. Just some text and math equations – I ended up using some sort of religious treatise along with a math textbook – and had to laugh at the irony. Religion and math are both equally mysterious to me! The thin-line stamp is another dollar-item from Michael’s!


OK. All prepped and ready to go!

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© amateur-in-art, 2009



  1. Kathryn said,

    I look forward to see how these pages evolve. I love all of the details in the “prep” stages.

  2. Linda D. said,

    Love those coasters!!! And the look of these pages. Like Kathryn, am keen to see how they develop 🙂
    And thanks for your comment on my blog, much appreciated.

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