January 23, 2009

Soul Journal – Day 18

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Yay! I finally have a page I like, out of this “collage potpourri.” And as I’ve said before, I’ve been liking the process on these prompts, just not my outcomes. Until now!

As before, Sarah gave us a list of things to do – we just had to mix up the list so we didn’t do them in the same order. (You can view the prep work for this page, here.)

Here’s what I did.

1) Write the alphabet quick and angry. I had trouble with this, because the rough texture of my page made it hard to write quickly. If I couldn’t write quickly, I found my letters didn’t have as much “anger” to them. Of course, I had to use red for the anger part.

2) Add something metal. I had some jewelry embellishments that were silver diamonds, relatively small, so I put a few of those on the page. I used a big blob of jewelry glue, which seeped out around the edges (and I left it there) because only a tiny part of the embellishment actually made contact with the paper, so I figured I needed to go heavy on the glue to make it stick. I thought this would be interesting, adding the metal this early in the process.


3) Add a wash of color. I chose a “sunny disposition” yellow. I thought it would make a nice contrast to my “angry” letters. I’m running out of colors that I haven’t used before. And those that I haven’t used, are generally going to be colors I don’t like. Which, I guess, is just another way to “stretch my boundaries.” Yellow, in this case, is fine. It is still within my “comfort palette.” I tend to avoid purple and orange, more than any others. I think that might also be part of why sometimes in the end I don’t like some of my pages. I used a color I normally wouldn’t use, because part of the instructions say “use a color you haven’t used yet” – and so that’s what I get. I’m not complaining, mind you. It is “good for me” the same way eating my broccoli is good for me. It’s just that sometimes I would choose different colors if I could.

When I did this wash of paint, it was weird how my stamped-on page number on the left page stayed fairly intact, while the one on my right page ran into obscurity. I used the same stamp pad on them both. Guess I still haven’t found that “permanent” ink, yet. This time it didn’t bother me too much that it ran, though. It just gave it another small punch of color.

4) Next was another magazine stencil.


original image

I used green calligraphy ink on this one. I think it is absolutely hilarious how they both ended up with such wavy, curly hair!! Obviously, I have not yet mastered the art of impeccable stenciling, with crisp lines. I’m not sure where I went wrong, because I thought I was being very careful, and the original image is on slick paper, so it wasn’t like it bled through or anything. I still like the way it turned out, but it was kind of funny when I peeled it up and saw the result!


Then, I just couldn’t resist using the back side of the stencil, too – I love that there is a “chain” running down the back of the man. (Wonder if that’s how he feels?) I pasted my stencil down on the opposite page, face down. It sort of matches the outline on the right page, in terms of positioning.

5) Next, dry brush. I did this technique better, this time, probably because I changed brushes from what I have used before, and made sure my brush really was pretty dry, even with paint on it. Again, difficulty using a color I haven’t used, but I ended up with a kind of watermelon-pink color. It was interesting to see how this worked out with the metal embellishments. It actually had the effect of making them look almost clear, as if you were looking through them to see the paint strokes below them – even though they were actually on top. This aspect doesn’t translate well to pictures.

6) Use something unusual as a stamp. My fascination with coasters from the dollar bins at Michael’s continues! This time it was a felt coaster, with a great cut-out design!


Instead of using ink, I used paint and spread it on the coaster, then stamped it and rolled over it with a round-handled paintbrush to get an even impression on the page. I still had some paint left on it, so I made another impression on the left page without “re-inking”, but it turned out more spotty. (I was going to wash off the coaster to re-use, but I set it aside and let it dry. It still looks great – so maybe I will use the painted coaster itself in some future project!)


7) Write a list of things you did today. I used a magenta watercolor pencil. The color goes nicely with the other colors I have going on here, and it also provides just a hint of text. It’s easy to not-notice that it is there (below).

8 ) Gesso out a part of your page. Add more things on top of it.

I decided to use some of my gray gesso here. And I just randomly put some on the lower left corner. After it dried, I used some Pastelo chalk to make scribbles. Sprayed with fixitive. (It’s still smeary. Need some fixitive lessons, too, I guess.)

Then glued on some foam hearts. I figured as long as it was a couple, I’d go with the romance theme. After they dried, I grabbed a hold of the corner of one of the hearts and tore it up from the page – and hoped it would either not tear straight or easy, or maybe pull up a part of the page with it – but as it was, it just tore as a regular “broken heart” image – which was fine, but a little too cliche for my taste at this time – and so I glued it back down next to where it came from.

I found a “Lover” tag in a box of clearance-priced tags I picked up at Michael’s and made that the finishing touch on the right page.

(sorry for the wonky angle)

I really like this one – not just visually, but also because once I had the image of the couple on both the left and right pages, with the underlying “angry” alphabet and everything that came since then – I kept thinking the page was a story about a couple in trouble. Was he feeling “chained” to her? They loved each other, once. But he broke her heart, and found another lover. Or something like that. I liked that the page turned into a story, instead of “just” “random” art.

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© amateur-in-art, 2009


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  1. Rachel said,

    I love this one!

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