February 15, 2009

Soul Journal – Day 19 – Confidence!

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Actually, there is very little activity to Day 19. All that you had to do for today was to go make color photocopies of your work thus far.

But – this simple assignment was actually a very important thing, as it turns out – for two main reasons:

First, I discovered that some of my journal pages I actually liked much better, when I saw them as photocopies. Day 16 is a good example. I was pretty frustrated with this one, and disappointed when I made it. But when I saw it as a photocopy, I actually really liked it!

The second good thing about making these copies is that when the copier-guy was helping me, he said, “Oh wow, that’s cool!” when he saw my Soul Journal pages. That made me feel really great! Somebody likes what I did! Yay!

You see, I am still so very new at all of this, and all along, I have said I am creating for myself – and I am – so it was very unexpected when someone else, someone who is not even another soul journaler – said he liked what I had done! Wowee!! That was a fabulous feeling!

And, to top it all off, a few weeks ago, Chicken Teriyaki Bowl #7 posted on her blog that I that after watching my posts on my Soul Journal work, she had resumed her Soul Journal after setting it aside for a while. That was really humbling and inspiring when I read that. Wow!

I know it is a small thing, but tiny tidbits like these keep me going, and help me believe and gain confidence in myself as I learn more about creating and art, through this Soul Journal journey.

Thank you, Sarah, for creating the Soul Journal prompts, and guiding us through them, and thank you to the entire Soul Journal community!

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  1. Davinia said,

    Hi, like you I’m fairly new to all this art journal stuff and I was going to do Sarah’s journal. One of the ladies in a group that I belong to (we call ourselves the Journal Junkies) suggested it but I was unsure, so thought I would have a look at what everyone has been doing and I’m a bit sad I didn’t now. Your pages a great and I know the uplifting feeling when someone compliments you on your work.
    Best wishes….Davinia

    • I love the name of your group! That’s great!

      And there’s no reason you or your fellow Journal Junkies can’t start on this now! Sarah started – and finished – this back in the summer – I think it ran just over July and August. I didn’t get started myself until September, and I’ve had a few multiple-week interruptions since then. My Soul Journal work has generally turned out to be one “day” of Sarah’s work is the equivalent of about a week, for me. Sometimes, I can only work on it a little, or I need to wait for paint or ink to dry, or I need to let it “sit” for a while for me to think about what I want to do, or the color I want to use or etc. So there is certainly no reason you can’t begin now! I highly recommend it. It has been a lot of fun, I have learned a lot – both in terms of techniques and also just about myself, and what I like (and don’t like) in art, and so on.

      One of the biggest things that I have learned, for myself, is to not be afraid of mistakes, and to even expect them – and to learn to be OK with that.

      You might also want to check out the Soul Journal prompts at Collage Diva‘s. She has some fabulous stuff. I have not yet followed any of those prompts, because I’m wanting to finish up on Sarah’s original SJ first, but I know there are a whole flock of people who are continuing the Soul Journal journey. Also – and I think she has a link to it on her site – Collage Diva told me that there is also a Soul Journal group on yahoo!Groups, so you may want to go there, as well. (That’s another avenue I have not yet explored.)

      Thank you for your curiosity, and I wish you well on whatever art journey you decide to take!

  2. Davinia said,

    Thanks for all the info. I’ll head on over to Collage Diva and have a look. I’ve put you in my farourites so I can see how you are progressing.

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