March 9, 2009

Inspiration from Inchies!

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A little while back, I came across the 1000 Squares site by ArtJunkGirl, and I perused the whole thing! It is absolutely fabulous! I started at the beginning of her site and followed her project forward in time until the end. Her goal: to create 1000 “inchies” over the course of a year. And she did it!

Besides just being interesting and inspiring artwork, in general, what was truly inspiring to me was to see her completed project. She created a mosaic using all 1000 inchies – and it is amazing to see exactly how large and how impressive that is. Each single inchie is its own work of art, created with care and attention to detail. It is stunning to see 1000 of these tiny works of art, all together in one unified work, and to think about all of the work and time and effort and dedication that went into the project.

The overall lesson I take from this: You can accomplish a HUGE project by taking small, simple steps on a diligent basis, everyday. Her project truly is inspiring, beyond “just the art” (pardon the expression). I’ve thought of this when I have to make my money stretch, work on large projects for work, or anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed (which has been a lot, lately). I think of those 1000 inchies – one inch at a time – and the impressive end result – and I gain inspiration.

Kudos to ArtJunk Girl for her project, and for sharing it on the web to inspire others! You can visit her 1000 Squares site or look at images on flickr, or visit her general blog to see what else she’s been up to.

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