March 13, 2009

New Mandala

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Oooooh!!! I’m loving these mandalas!


This is another mandala from my “Mandala Kit” I found at Barnes & Noble. I absolutely love them!

This one was very fun to color. When it started as just a blank design, it seemed simple and even a little boring. That was definitely the wrong impression!

The more I colored, the more different designs I began to see. I saw several different flowers – one, interior, sort of daisy-like, and then the larger outer one, the one you can see above with the pink petals, that I think maybe looks a little like a lotus flower.

Once it was complete, when looking at it, it seemed to just get more and more complex. I like the little knot at the center, and the overall feel of this design. This is so fun!!

Pop over to Collage Diva’s site for more truly fabulous mandalas, a heaping helping of inspiration – and an opportunity to enter a contest and ATC swap!

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  1. Melissa said,

    That’s a fun project. Thanks for the idea. I intend to use it as an assignment for my adult students.

  2. Lay Hoon said,

    This is beautiful !!!

    • Thank you! But all I did was the coloring – the design was there to start with. That’s what’s so great about the “kit” – I get to leave the drawing (and complexity of design) to others – and just “fill in the blanks.” I find it really does help clear my mind – I’m not so sure it would work as well if I had to do the designing part, too. Thank you for your comment.

  3. motivart said,

    nice mandala.your colors are bright and cheerful..i came here from soul journal. It has inspired me to try drawing mandalas also. I have created affirmation cards using mandalas .you can see it at

  4. Karissa said,

    loved it!! I used this design and added my own stuff too it to

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