April 5, 2009

Soul Journal – Day 20

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At last! It’s been a long while since I posted about my Soul Journal. I’m still doing it, just moving very slowly. This is actually good news, though – it means other areas of my life are also picking up, creatively, and so I’ve been working on a lot of other endeavors, off-line.

Enough with the intro. Today’s assignment was to use our photocopies of previous SJ pages that we made on Day 19 in our artwork today. I was stumped for a long time on this one – I just didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t even sure what to do with the background, to even get started.

I had bought some spongy foamy letters with the idea of using them as stamps, so I decided to try that.


I didn’t really like how this turned out – silly me, again stamping or trying to bridge the gap on the center of the book. And wasn’t sure I liked the color on either of my pages, but shrugged it off and kept moving.

I had kept the latex glove I wore when I traced my hand on Day 17, with the idea of using it at some point in some future art project. I wasn’t even sure if I’d use it in my Soul Journal or not. But I did like the look of it, and I decided this would be the place and time to use it. I put it on the right hand page (resulting in an unintentional pun), I think because of the weird way-out color I used. I thought the glove would “go nicely” with that page color.


Once I did this, I really started being able to move ahead on this page – at least the right side. I slipped some paper inside of the glove to give it a little color and subtle interest, using polka-dotted paper down in the fingers, and paper from photocopies of Day 17 inside the wrist part (which aren’t that visible here). I used a small circle punch and also tore up some bits of photocopies from Day 18, and used these as like “rings” and “fingernails” on the hand. I added a photocopy of the button-“ribbon” from Day 18 as sort of a sleeve cuff or bracelet, and put a heart from Day 17 on the middle of the hand. I like it!


I still really wasn’t sure at all what to do with the left page. I tried a few things – using a paint spreader with “teeth” (which turns out, looks just like “fork painting”) using a small stencil with hot pink paint (I still don’t know how to stencil well), and spread a little here and there, too – it reminded me of blusher!


I still really didn’t like this. I took some “Pewter Gray” paint and spread on top – it came out too strong so I wiped off. I didn’t like this too much, but I did really like the overall effect that this gray had on things. It toned it down a lot, and softened the colors very much. I will have to remember to use this color in soft wipe for future when I want to tone down the overall color of a page or even just make it look old and distressed.


Meanwhile, I had remained pretty stumped on what else to do with my photocopies. Finally, I decided just to weave them together. I used some from Day 18 and also from Day 17. Day 17 is what I ultimately ended up using.

Starting to weave

Starting to weave

Finished weaving

Finished weaving - copies from Day 17

I laid this down on my page to see what it would look like – and really didn’t like it. Ick!


Finally, I just decided to scrap the whole thing (the left page, that is). I realized that although I had a lot of different colored paints, I didn’t have just your basic black. So, when I went to the store to get that, I also saw the great strong green color, like the ink I had used on Day 18. I thought this green would be fabulous on a black background, so I decided to just go with solid black with some “skips” of the green. I used a craft stick to put on the green.

(Bad news though. Some of the black got on to my Day 18 page, around the corners. I guess I got some on my wax paper that I had underneath the page – and didn’t realize that it had seeped under to where it would get onto the previous page! Argh!)

I had done more weaving, and decided the piece I had (shown above) was too large for the page. I had another piece, that was more rectangular, and decided to use that. I also felt using a small piece of purple paper sort of as a mountboard and frame would help unify it as well as set it apart. Yeah! I like this much better! It is so much stronger!


While at the store, I had also come across some of Tim Holtz’s Grungeboard. I got the “elements” pack because I really liked the swirls and flourishes, as well as some of the other items included. I didn’t realize when I got it, though, that it was not chipboard. Instead, it is more like leather or soft suede. I like it, I just didn’t think it would be as flexible and pliable as it is. I found that even the intricate details were well cut, making punching out easy. I thought I’d use this large flourish across the page.


I decided this was too big, though, and that some of the smaller flourishes would be better. My intent was to use the remainder of the grungeboard as a stencil, after I punched out the items, and I wanted to try it on this page. Like all of my stencil work, I had only limited success, but that is not the fault of the product but rather, of me, because I still have difficulty keeping the stencil smooth to the surface and getting a clean impression. I had to do some touching up on the image.


But I like the result in the end, and I like the way both of these pages turned out!

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