May 22, 2009

Art Map

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I am squeaking in just barely under deadline, so keeping the verbiage to a minimum tonight.

Here’s the map I made as part of Collage Diva’s (a.k.a. True North Arts) map event. I have not had a chance to check out what other people have done, and I’m not sure I’m even completely finished with what I’ve got, myself, but it is pretty much done, so I wanted to post it now.


And here are a few details.


Kudos to the Collage Diva – and inspiration from inchies at 1000 Squares!

A visual shout out to some of the kindred spirits I’ve found along the journey. (This isn’t everyone on my map, just the ones that are in the “village” here.)

Sorry a little out of focus - will try to take a better pic and replace soon!

Sorry a little out of focus - will try to fix later.

The residents of the Village are: Thrifty Collage Artist, Vintage Moth, Pattern of Life, and Me Scrap!

The extra shiny part right above the word “Explore” is my “Watercolor River.” I laid down thin stripes of paint, then coated it with gel medium to make it look liquid-like.

And finally – every map needs a compass to point to True North, right?


Thanks for this great idea, Diva! I’m only sorry I didn’t have more time to work on it, but I’ll keep going on it, and maybe post more or edit this page soon.

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