September 14, 2009

Candy, or Art?

Posted in Art supplies, Fun & frivolity tagged , , , , at 10:52 pm by amateur-in-art

It’s a sad state of affairs when I decided to purchase a chocolate candy bar just for the art-full possibilities of using its label in some yet-to-be-defined art project.


Chocolate is an important part of my life. But in this case, the label was more important, and was the motivating factor in its purchase. What’s more – it’s imported!

© amateur-in-art, 2009



  1. I’m notorious for buying things for the packaging. My son is hooked on this practice too. I love good design or design with a fun message to play with. Flaky…now that works for me. Hey is the candy bar any good?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Diva. Candy bar isn’t bad. A very creamy melt-in-your mouth kind of milk chocolate. I’m more of a dark choc. kinda gal, myself. But gotta love that cover art!

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