You don’t need to be reading this page to know I’m new at all this.

Although I consider myself to be a “creative type” – my main creative outlet is writing – not art. I can’t draw, sketch or paint – though I’ll see where this new enthusiasm of mine takes me.

I’m interested in what I guess is called “vintage collage” (using old papers and photographs in collage); rubber stamps and inks; altered art and books; artist trading cards; and similar types of artwork. I am easily distracted and mesmerized by the many “pretty papers” that are out there lurking in the scrapbook aisles. I know those are “manufactured” – and some people may frown on them – but I am totally enchanted.

I don’t know how long this blog might last, what kind of “art” I might do, or if or how often I will post.

One goal however, is for me to “go easy” on myself. To give myself the freedom to make mistakes, “fail” and be dissatisfied with my work. Zero expectations here. I have grand visions in my mind, but know – at least now, at the beginning – that the reality of what I produce will likely fall far short. All of my “artistic endeavors” are really about learning – and to learn, I need to be easy on myself when the results aren’t “perfect.”

© amateur-in-art, 2008

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