October 23, 2008

Just in time for Halloween

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I found this great site that will divine your Vampire Name . It’s quite fun, and gives me some ideas for an alter(ed art) ego that may show up sometime soon on an ATC or other small piece, maybe for the holiday. I know there are lots of Blog Parties out there (not sure I’ll be at any of them, though they sound fabulous), but if I had time, I’d probably take my inspiration from one of the following.

My vampire identity is:

Enid Drown
Known in some parts of the world as:
Scourge of The Hungry
The Great Archives Record:
One of the poor who howl at the door of the Rosary and the garlic strung cross.

What I thought was even cooler, though, was my Goth name: Fairie Corpse.
Very Tim Burtonesque, isn’t it? That character I can definitely see.

I first came across a link to the Fairy Name generator from Sue’s Views, and that started me on this quest of cool and funky names. I really like this identity, too, and it also would make a great little ATC or something. I like that this little fairy is so strong, and I also like that her color is blue, as blue is one of my favorite colors. In fact, I think I could see a whole little series about her, or maybe a fold-out book.

Your fairy is called Bramble Icefilter
She is a bone chilling bringer of justice for the vulnerable.
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades.
She is only seen on midsummer’s eve.
She wears bluebell-blue dresses. She has icy blue butterfly wings.

And what the heck, in the spirit (pun intended) of the holiday, I found this one that will Harry Potterize your name as a witch or wizard. You even get different results if you do just your first name, or your first name with your last name. I am either Ingrid ze Insightful or Electra the Enchanting. I kinda like that last one. And I see another ATC coming.

In fact, it would be great fun to do an entire deck of cards based on different characters like this. I’ll put this in my “idea file” for now, but if you need some amusement between doorbell-rings on Halloween night, you might want to check out some of these sites. And if you really have too much time on your hands…there are plenty of other selections at Quizopolis.

July 13, 2008

My first attempt at ATC’s

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Once I realized the altered book was just too big – and that I was far too ignorant of even the basic methods and techniques necessary to produce something on that scale that would be meaningful and satisfying to me, I decided I needed to scale back. I’d try making just a single page.

Then I found out about Artist Trading Cards, or ATCs, and that seemed like the perfect way for me to take some baby steps and do some small experiments in methods, techniques and materials. For me, these are “artist training cards”. 😀

Here are my first attempts. They’re modest, but they’re a start. I had fun making these, and I like that they are simple, easy to do, and can be done sometimes in as little as an hour. Some of the details didn’t seem to scan well – (there’s thin white script on the black bars).

Obviously I still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to scanning and posting. But like anything worth doing, I’ll just have to practice more!

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