September 14, 2009

Candy, or Art?

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It’s a sad state of affairs when I decided to purchase a chocolate candy bar just for the art-full possibilities of using its label in some yet-to-be-defined art project.


Chocolate is an important part of my life. But in this case, the label was more important, and was the motivating factor in its purchase. What’s more – it’s imported!

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July 11, 2008

How to Spend Too Much Money at the Craft Store

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1) Buy one item that’s on sale – This Week Only!

2) With money saved in #1, now you can buy more items not on sale.

3) Buy something unique and unusual that you see that will coordinate with #1 & #2. You must purchase it now, because you won’t remember later, and besides, you have the other items with you, which enables you to see how fabulous it all looks together.

4) Shop in sections of the store that you don’t usually go to. Find nifty item there that coordinates with #1, #2, & #3, which you must buy today for the same reason #3 was justified.

5) Find another item on sale, preferably one you’ve been waiting on buying for a long time. You’ve restrained yourself in the past just so you could buy it today, when it was on sale.

6) Since you have done #5, you now feel better about your purchases in #3 & #4. So you can afford to pickup several items that are just $2-$5.

7) Shop the dollar bins. Buy things you don’t need, “just in case.”

8 ) Because gasoline is so expensive, buy another item you might normally be tempted to wait on. This “saves money” because you won’t have to spend another $5/gal. to go to the store again later.

9) Decide at this point, you’ve accumulated enough purchases that another $2 or $3 won’t hurt, & pick up a few more stickers or papers or pens.

10) Realize you are now far over your spending limit, originally set for item #1 only, so you decide to use your credit card. This means you can spend money you don’t have! Proceed to do so.

11) Leave store with the weight of guilt and debt on your shoulders – but at least you have your scrapbooking supplies to assuage you! Decide to stop for ice cream, chocolate, or coffee (or all three if you spent more than $100!), to make yourself feel better.

12) Repeat next week, if not sooner.

13) If you can’t wait for #12, suddenly remember another item that is “essential” to your current project, that you forgot to get while you were at the store. Return to store, begin again at #1. Give yourself bonus points if the item you remembered in this step is on sale – you now have a bulletproof excuse to repeat the process!

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